Who Are the Top 3 Body Builders in Europe?

Change is truly the only permanent thing. The body building that was celebrated in early 1970s now means bodybuilderabsolutely nothing to bodybuilding fanatics of nowadays. People are now more interested in more than just mass. The judges are also keen on the general body proportionality. Among other most coveted body building contests, Mr. Olympia stands on top of them all. Ever wondered who are the Top 3 Body Builders in Europe Right Now? Be still, in this article we will be discussing briefly about the top 3 body builders in Europe Right now.

  1. Ronnie Coleman – Biggest Body Builder of all times

Apart from Arnold Schwarzenegger, NOBODY even comes closer to Ronnie Coleman. Ronnie Coleman currently stands at the top of the body building game. When he joined the industry, he wasn’t that big but tirelessly worked his way up to the top stiffly competing with other strong and heavily built body builders. His performance is really astounding and presently holds the record for the most Mr. Olympia’s in body building history. Interestingly, many of his videos are doing rounds in the internet, the most captivating one being the one where he is seen dead lifting 800+ pounds for repetitions and easily curling 180 pound dumbbells in a pre-contest prep. Coleman has participated in more than 20 contests, the notable ones being:

  • Mr. Texas (Heavyweight and Overall)- 1990
  • World Amateur Championships (Heavyweight)-1991
  • Canada Pro Cup- 1995 and 1996
  • Grand Prix Russia- 1997
  • Night of Champions- 1998
  • Toronto Pro Invitational- 1998
  • Mr. Olympia- 1998, 1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005,2006,2007,
  • World Pro Championships-1999,2000,
  • Grant Prix Romania, Holland, Australia-2006.

His physique is quite attractive and his most adorable features are his left and right pectorals which he builds them primarily with dumbbell and barbell presses.

  1. Gunter Schlierkamp – the monster

Born on 2nd February, 1970, Gunter Schlierkamp is another heavyweight body builder causing a stir in the “muscle” industry. He measures 6foot 4 inches and when combined with his huge frame sets him aside as one the biggest bodybuilders to have ever existed. Like Coleman, Gunter Schlierkamp has also had the privilege of participating in more than 20 contests. Notable ones include:

  • German Championships Overall Winner-1990
  • German Championships 1st, Junior Tall- 1990
  • European Amateur Championships 1st, IFBB and HeavyWeight- 1992
  • German Championships 1st and Heavyweight- 1992
  • Mr. Olympia IFBB 19th -1994
  • Canada Pro Cup IFBB 2nd- 1995
  • Arnold Classic IFBB 11th – 1996
  • Night of Champions IFBB 10th- 1998
  • Mr. Olympia IFBB 15th – 1998
  • Arnold Classic IFBB 6th – 2000
  • Mr. Olympia 12th- 2000
  • Mr. Olympia 15th -2001
  • Mr. Olympia 5th -2002
  • Mr. Olympia 6th- 2004
  • Mr Olympia 4th-2005
  • Mr. Olympia 10th -2006
  1. Markus Ruhl

Markus Ruhl huge body truly looks ridiculous. In fact, he is among the top three biggest bodybuilders of all time. His height and weight literally dwarves nearly anyone who stands next to him. Partially because of his proportions and bad lack when it comes to contest success at the highest level, Markus is always close to receiving top honours and always has a firm group of supporters who enjoy how he flexes his bold shoulders and upper body. He is also known for his regular bench pressing surpassing 600 pounds for reps during workouts.

His competitive record includes:

  • Mr. Olympia 5th [2][3]- 2009
  • New York Pro 3rd-2009
  • IFBB Austria Pro Grand Prix 3rd-2006
  • Mr. Olympia 8th-2006
  • Mr. Olympia 15th-2005
  • Mr. Olympia 5th-2004
  • Arnold Classic 3rd-2003
  • Mr. Olympia 8th-2002
  • Night of Champions 1st-2002
  • Toronto Pro Classic 2nd-2002
  • Mr. Olympia 14th-2001
  • Mr. Olympia 7th-2000
  • Joe Weider’s World Pro Cup 5th-2000
  • Grand Prix England 5th-2000
  • Joe Weider’s Pro World 7th-1999
  • Night of Champions 4th-1999
  • Mr. Olympia 12th-1999