Tricks to reduce the time it takes to get money from bad credit loan

When we urgently need money and our account is at a minimum, urgent mini-credits can help us get some financing. These mini loans offer us small amounts of money, up to 300 euros as a general rule for new clients. In addition, the repayment period is very short, one month in installments and in a single installment. Therefore, we must be sure that we can reimburse them before ordering them. Microcredits are the fastest financial products to be granted because in 15 or 20 minutes we can have the money in our account. Although for this to be possible we must take into account the following two aspects:

Save your paperwork with identity verification applications

When we request bad credit loan, they will request us some documents that prove that we really are who we say we are and what we have the economic capacity that we have contributed in the application- few loan advantages bad. Although online mini-credit companies demand fewer requirements than banks, it will always be necessary to send a minimum of paperwork, such as ID and a bank statement. However, with advances in technology, this is no longer necessary.

The entity verification applications are used to collect the applicant’s bank details. Some of them are Instant for example. Its operation is safe, reliable and easy. At some point in the online application, we will be asked to enter our online banking account, the application comes into action collecting in seconds the bank details that the lender needs to know our economic solvency. In addition, in some cases, the use of this tool will allow us to not have to send any personal document such as the DNI, because it will be worth the application.

Choose a mini loan that has an account in your bank

At the time they approve the mini-credit, they will make the transfer order so that they can deposit the money in our account. Here comes into play the bureaucracy that goes behind this process. When it comes to two accounts of the same bank, the money arrives in a few minutes, almost instantly. Therefore, if we make sure that the urgent mini-credit company has an account in our bank, we can make the transfer very quickly.

On the other hand, when we do not pay attention to this aspect and the lender does not have an account in our bank, the money may take up to 48 hours to reach our account. Therefore, if the need for money is very pressing, we must consider this. However, now some banks have taken out a service of immediate transfers between accounts of different banks. In this case, we should ask the lender if it were possible for us to do it this way and who would carry that cost. For instant transfers between different entities usually, have a cost.